LEATHERWOLF announces new vocalist 

Los Angeles, CA – Legendary Southern California metal stalwarts LEATHERWOLF have announced the addition of vocalist Wade Black (ex-Crimson Glory, Seven Witches) who is set to make his debut on the group’s forthcoming new studio album, currently in production and due out in 2006. Black joins core members Dean Roberts (dr), Geoff Gayer (g), Carey Howe (g) and bassist extraordinaire Pete Perez (Riot, Spastic Ink) who has stepped in for long-time member Paul Carman.

“Wade came to our attention via his work on Crimson Glory’s ‘Astronomica’, which is stellar to say the least. It seemed like his voice would work very well with the Leatherwolf sound and the direction we’re pursuing on the new album, which is turning out to be our heaviest, most progressive record yet”, states drummer Dean Roberts. “When we contacted Wade about checking out some of the new music and possibly demoing a song he was not only up for it but also delivered! Next thing he was on a plane out to L.A. for a face-to-face meeting and to lay down a track at our home studio, which turned out excellent. We can’t wait to get busy with Wade and finish up this record, which should happen in August/September. We’ve tracked 13 songs, 11 or 12 of which will make the album, and Wade is working on vocals and lyrics back home in Florida as we speak before coming back out here to record.”

Commented Black: “I am very pleased to have been giving the opportunity to work with these guys. I look forward to writing, recording and making some serious noise in 2006. I feel that I am making the right decision for myself, as I feel I always have. I am not here to make comments about anything from my past. It has been a great ride, and as always, I am grateful where I have been and where I may go. Thanks to all the people out there with the Metal Ear! I’m looking forward to stompin’ a stage near you!”

First turning the metal world on its ear with their eponymous mini-album for Tropical/Enigma in 1984, later expanded to a full length release internationally, LEATHERWOLF became one of the most respected outfits of the late 80’s via a pair of now classic albums for Island Records, ‘Leatherwolf’ (1987) and ‘Street Ready’ (1989), as well as several MTV videos before disbanding in the early 90’s. The band’s classic line-up resurfaced in 1999 with a storming live album, ‘Wide Open’, and a string of sold out local dates as well as an appearance at the prestigious Wacken Festival in Germany. LEATHERWOLF also supported Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford solo’s band on their farewell appearances at the Las Vegas House of Blues, Hollywood House of Blues and the Grove in Anaheim, CA in the spring of 2003.


Music Producers on Free Drum Samples & Drum Kits

Do you want to know why the previously remastered Born to Run or Darkness CD from Leatherwolf sounds clearer than the old versions and do you want to know what there is to discover? Producer Attie Bauw explains that the nuances are greater than you think and how you can hear the different dimensions when using the best free drum samples in music land. Be True visited Atties studio, where the remasters fully come into their own world.

Bauwhaus studio stands in an Amsterdam attic and is a small but of course equipped with high-end equipment and professional wall finish to optimize the sound (and minimize the neighbors irritations). For the occasion Attie has some songs from the old CDs and the same songs originating from new vinyl on his computer to let us hear the differences in these drum sounds.

“I feel that he is here with me between the speakers. And that’s really fantastic. I feel more involved, more alive in the music, while the old CDs have something cold, making it sound more distant, as if it is behind the speakers. “

best free drum samples

Producer Attie Bauw

Attie Bauw is the only Dutch producer who has two Grammy nominations in his pockets: for “Producer of the Year and Best Engineered Album for his production of Rob (Judas Priest) Halford’s band Fight. In 2000 Attie Bauw has been nominated as one of the best Dutch producers of the past forty years. Bauw has worked with artists such as The Scorpions, Maceo Parker and Noah, but also with Hans Dulfer, Racoon, The Nits and The Gathering. In the eighties he was an assistant engineer and engineer of famous producers like Keith Olson, Chris Lord Alge, Steve Lipson and Mike Shipley known for his extensive use of live drum samples in combination with free digital drum sounds and took artists under his wings as Simple Minds. Bauw worked for non-Bruce-related projects sometimes with Springsteen mastering engineer Bob Ludwig.

Most Springsteen fans, including us, can after listening to the already remastered albums Born to Run and Darkness, just note that the sound is richer and fuller and you can hear the nuances better. On one song a guitar or organ part jumps out more and on another song Springsteen’s voice sounds better. Can you show some examples what kind of improvement we can do to get even more attention?

[Attie plays the old ‘For You’ on.]

“This sounds a bit chilly”. If I only focus on his singing and drum samples, while I switch from CD to vinyl, then there is a lot more presence in the new version The old version is somewhat duller and has something more mid range it also sounds further away, while it should be closer. This article on panning drums also helped greatly.

“I hear more dynamics back of the vinyl, so the difference between hard and soft is heard as it was also in the studio. Therefore a certain part might jump just a little more out. So a bass that has something on it, or a word is turned on now jumps out more. You can really feel the definition in the use of their free drum samples, It just makes the beats sound so much better.

Leatherwolf New Tour dates announced

We are proud to announce that we have decided to do a big summer tour this year. We are going to attend al the big cities in the United States and will for the first time ever also tour around Europe. We are very excited for this tour. We have a lot of new songs written and we want to share these with our audiences. In this article we will walk you through the different cities we are going to attend and where you can find us.

Our tour will start in one of our favourite cities in the world, Los Angeles. The city of angels has always hold special meaning to us. Los Angeles has always had a whole lot of talent in it. Below the ‘Hollywood fake people’ that produce bad television and average pop music lays an incredible scene of talented musicians. Countless great rock bands and musicians come from Los Angeles. From Gun’s and Roses to The Doors, there is a great amount of talent in this City. We will be playing in Los Angeles on the 10th of June. It will be our first concert. The location isn’t decided yet. The song list will be announced later. We ourselves are also born in Los Angeles. We have always played here and our biggest fan base is centred in Los Angeles. This is why we don’t only start our here, we will also finish our tour here. In the end of September we will finish our tour in Los Angeles with a big show.

The second city we will hit is San Fransisco. We love San Fransisco for her creative underground vibe. Some call it hipster or goth or dark or whatever but we have a big and loyal fan base in San Fransisco. We will be hitting San Fransisco the 16th and 17th of June.

Las Vegas, the city of broken dreams and the next city on our tour. We will hit this city on the 22 of June. .Afterwards we will hit different big cities in the middle of America before we will start touring the east coast. From there we will fly to Europe and play in every major city in Western Europe. We are really very excited about this tour. It is one of the biggest tours we have ever done and we have committed a lot of time and effort to prepare for it. We will play all our greatest hits and a lot of new songs as well. So be there! 

LEATHERWOLF Studio update 

Hey everyone!

“We’re heading over to Joe Floyd’s new place in the South Bay to track more
vocals with Wade (Black) this weekend. Joe, of course, is the mastermind
behind the legendary Warrior (remember ‘Fighting for The Earth’?) and has
had a hand in modern day classics such as Halford’s ‘Resurrection’ and
‘Crucible’ as well as Bruce Dickinson‘s ‘Accident of Birth’ and ‘The
Chemical Wedding.’ He is a true metal master and we are looking forward to
working with him over the next few days. We also had Eric Halpern from
Helstar come in to lay down a couple of leads and he just smoked! Our
former vocalist, Michael Olivieri, has also contributed some guitar and is
helping out on backing vocals. Awesome!”

“Last but not least, we just got the first final – or close to – mixes in
from Denmark. After doing a test mix of ‘Behind the Gun’ for us, we decided
to go with Jacob Hansen (Raunchy, Rob Rock, Mercenary) at Hansen Studios who
was able to fit LEATHERWOLF into his extremely busy schedule. Jacob is
phenomenal and we are totally stoked with what he’s come up with so far.
Can’t wait for you all to hear these little monsters! Plans are to trek on
over to Denmark tag team-style in December to be present when Sir Hansen
tackles the rest of the songs for the final mixdown and the mastering.
We’ve also started the dialogue with the industry to find the proper outlets
for the album in the different territories. We are shooting for a spring

Also Good news for our European fans and everyone traveling to this:
We are happy to report that LEATHERWOLF have been confirmed for next year’s
‘Bang Your Head!!!’ Festival, scheduled for June 23rd & 24th in Balingen, Germany.
The BYH has been one of Europe’s permier metalfests for many years and we are looking
forward to making the trip. Also appearing on the bill are EUROPE, RIK EMMETT
(no relation… ;-)), with a dozen or so more acts to be confirmed.


Stay tuned!