Leatherwolf New Tour dates announced

We are proud to announce that we have decided to do a big summer tour this year. We are going to attend al the big cities in the United States and will for the first time ever also tour around Europe. We are very excited for this tour. We have a lot of new songs written and we want to share these with our audiences. In this article we will walk you through the different cities we are going to attend and where you can find us.

Our tour will start in one of our favourite cities in the world, Los Angeles. The city of angels has always hold special meaning to us. Los Angeles has always had a whole lot of talent in it. Below the ‘Hollywood fake people’ that produce bad television and average pop music lays an incredible scene of talented musicians. Countless great rock bands and musicians come from Los Angeles. From Gun’s and Roses to The Doors, there is a great amount of talent in this City. We will be playing in Los Angeles on the 10th of June. It will be our first concert. The location isn’t decided yet. The song list will be announced later. We ourselves are also born in Los Angeles. We have always played here and our biggest fan base is centred in Los Angeles. This is why we don’t only start our here, we will also finish our tour here. In the end of September we will finish our tour in Los Angeles with a big show.

The second city we will hit is San Fransisco. We love San Fransisco for her creative underground vibe. Some call it hipster or goth or dark or whatever but we have a big and loyal fan base in San Fransisco. We will be hitting San Fransisco the 16th and 17th of June.

Las Vegas, the city of broken dreams and the next city on our tour. We will hit this city on the 22 of June. .Afterwards we will hit different big cities in the middle of America before we will start touring the east coast. From there we will fly to Europe and play in every major city in Western Europe. We are really very excited about this tour. It is one of the biggest tours we have ever done and we have committed a lot of time and effort to prepare for it. We will play all our greatest hits and a lot of new songs as well. So be there!